Creative Happy Hour at Reilly Craft Pizza

Creatives happy hour at Reilly Craft Pizza in downtown TucsonOriginally shared in October 2015

One of our favorite happy hour spots in downtown Tucson is Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink. So when we decided to host a relaxed get-together after our notebook painting workshop, we decided it would be the ideal venue! This event was the perfect opportunity for local creatives to come together, have a few drinks, a few laughs, and share about upcoming events.

Pizza at Reilly Craft Pizza in downtown Tucson Arizona

Everyone gathered in the Beer Garden, where everyone grabbed their beverage of choice and dug into Reilly's delicious pizza and famous Brussels sprouts. After a little pizza and beer, we went around and introduced ourselves. Everyone had the opportunity to share upcoming community events, and like the last event, there was such a range of people who were in attendance.

Creatives happy hour in Tucson Arizona

Before Happy Hour ended, we gave away a few totes packed full of creative goodies such as notebooks, pencils, and a few other things that will inspire them to get their creative gears turning. As cheesy it may sound, our goal was for everyone to leave with something of value – where it was a new connection, a new friendship or plans to attend an event the following week!

Creatives meetup at Reilly in Tucson Arizona

Venue: Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink

Photographer: Rebecca Hout

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