Notebook Painting & Styling Workshop with Paige Poppe Art

Painting workshop at Ermanos in Tucson ArizonaOriginally shared in September 2015

For our first workshop, we met at Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar on Fourth Avenue. The space was decorated with colorful tassel garlands, and fresh flowers tucked into mason jars. And, of course, we were delighted to find that Ermanos had sangria on tap!

After mingling and ordering  the proper beverages, as a group of over twenty locals gathered around, excited to get their hands a little dirty and make something. We started out by introducing ourselves, as we do at the beginning of every workshop! This was our first opportunity to discover what a great, diverse group had come together, from teachers to yoga instructors to professional artists – like our guest expert, Paige Poppe.

Tucson Notebook Painting Styling Workshop

Paige is a painter, designer, Youtuber, and architectural designer located in Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Architecture. In her online store and through pop up shops in the valley, Paige sells acrylic and watercolor paintings and skateboard decks. A true maker, Paige even makes her small, penny decks by hand prior to painting them for her clients. Paige is a firm believer that art brings more color, more light and more joy into your life, and shares that passion with others by teaching workshops in Arizona and hosting online tutorials through Periscope and her video blog.

After intros, we split into two groups. The first got to painting  notebooks with Paige, and the second group joined Theresa and Susana for a mini Styling 101 Workshop. Before group one  jumped right into painting, Paige showed us a few examples of her skills. She showed us what she can do with watercolors, and we learned how to paint desert scenery, different kinds of plants, and even quotes!

Paige Poppe painting class in Tucson Arizona

In Styling 101, Susana and Theresa taught everyone how to style a photo using props. After they gave us the low-down on the tips and tricks, we got hands on, and started styling our own photos. We challenged ourselves to style photos using only the props we had on hand, although we were pretty lucky that there was a generous amount and plenty of beautiful light pouring in!

As the projects and lessons winded down,  we munched on a few bites while enjoying the tasty beverages Ermanos offered. Although we didn’t want it to end, eventually the workshop started to come to a close. All of the guests left with their own Creative Tribe Workshop tote that was stocked with tasty treats from the Food Conspiracy Co-op, their own copy of Edible Baja AZ, and a special discount card for local business Fine Life Co.

Paige Poppe desert artwork on Fourth Avenue in Tucson Arizona

Needless to say, we were thrilled by the response to our first workshop! It was great to see  creatives from all over Tucson together to connect and learn, and only made us more excited to plan more!

Venue: Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar

Guest Instructor: Paige Poppe Art

Gifts: Fine Life Co., Food Conspiracy Co-op, Edible Baja


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