Yoga, Essential Oils & DIY Pot Pourri Wellness Workshop

Originally shared in November 2015

Yoga at Presta Coffee in Tucson Arizona

For our Wellness workshop, we met at Presta Coffee Roasters for a day of coffee, yoga, and pot pourri. We began with intros, as usual, and then dove right into a calming yoga session with local yoga instructor, Danielle Schiess.

After we fueled our bodies with exercise, we knew it was time for coffee! Jac, one of Presta’s baristas, showed us a quick coffee pour over demo, followed by a delicious coffee tasting. One fun fact about Presta: they actually roast their own coffee in house every week! How cool is that?

Wellness workshop at Presta Coffee in Tucson Arizona

Susana of Little Flower Studios led the essential oils demo, which we jumped into next. Everyone had the chance to smell the oils as Susana told us what each is for. Lavender for relaxation, peppermint for stimulation, orange for uplifting - each doTerra Essential Oil has it’s own special purpose!

Everyone decided which essential oil they wanted to infuse into their potpourri, which we then got to making! There was a variety of materials provided such as scented pine cones, colored wood chips, and dried apple and lemon slices. We put all of the ingredients, including some drops of the doTerra oils, together into Mason Jars to make the perfect Autumn-themed pot pourri.

DIY Pot Pourri at Presta Coffee in Tucson Arizona

We closed the event with a few goodbyes, and a quick giveaway of some stationary goodies. Everyone left with their handmade potpourri, something special to keep in their homes all season!

Venue: Presta Coffee Roasters

Guest Instructors: Danielle Scheiss, Susana Starbuck

Photographers: Theresa Delaney, Rebecca Hout

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