Harvest 002 - Organic Raw Honey Varietal Set


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Four beautifully packaged, unique raw honey varietals : Acacia, Cherry Blossom, Linden and Silver Fir Honey. 100% Pure Raw, Non-GMO, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized and USDA Certified Organic Honey. Includes brochure with tasting notes for each honey and also a few words from our master beekeeper!


  • Four 4 oz glass jars
  • Designed in Gilbert, Arizona

About the Maker

Larissa and Thomas, founders of Bee Seasonal®, want people to experience all the variety the honey world has to offer at the same time that we help promote more natural and organic beekeeping. By partnering with responsible beekeepers that follow organic production guidelines, we support sustainability and a more transparent food chain.

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