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Plant Parent Bundable Gift Box

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Prickly Pear Sour Mixer
Prickly Pear Sour Mixer Sale priceFrom $14.00
Desert Flora Monogram Vinyl StickerDesert Flora Monogram Vinyl Sticker
Prickly Pear Rainbow Vinyl StickerPrickly Pear Rainbow Vinyl Sticker
Agave washcloth in a white box with a triangle window cutoutTan, square agave washcloth
Agave Cloth Sale price$13.00
Clear glass Monsoon scented jar candle. Lit monsoon candle sitting on a rock in the desert
Monsoon Candle Sale price$28.00
Amber lotion bottle with black pump top, pink label that reads "pistol & fox prickly pear & poppy hand and body lotion"Prickly Pear & Poppy Hand & Body Lotion
Brass saguaro shaped bookmark with the words "always stuck in a book" engraved in cursive script on one of the saguaro's arms
Small gold Monsoon travel candle tin with white label
Monsoon Travel Candle Sale price$14.00
Prickly Pear Natural Lip ButterPrickly Pear Natural Lip Butter
Prickly Pear & Poppy Natural Perfume OilPrickly Pear & Poppy Natural Perfume Oil
Pink and white swirled arizona shaped soap with saguaro cactus designTrio of soaps sitting on a shop counter
Small gold tin candle. Cactus and Jade from Arizona Craft and Candle.
Yellow face mask packaging with green botanical illustrations and the words "glow baby glow"
Pink suede journal with gold arch detail on coverOpen journal
Clear glass jar candle with gold lid. Cactus and jade scent from Arizona Craft and Candle. Cactus + Jade glass jar candle with a cholla cactus in the background
Cactus & Jade Candle Sale price$28.00
White olive oil bottle with a blue and white label
Tall black journal with small white label bottom centerTall green journal with small white label bottom center
Green plastic wine glass with a white line drawing of an agave plant on the front center
Agave Stemless Wine Glass Sale price$14.00
Yellow watercolor prickly pear flower die cut vinyl sticker
Saguaro Stemless Wine Glass
Cactus NecklaceCactus Necklace
Cactus Necklace Sale price$46.00
Pens for Plant Lovers
Pens for Plant Lovers Sale price$14.00
Arizona Orange Blossom SoapArizona Orange Blossom Soap
Prickly Pear Stemless Wine Glass
Saguaro car freshener in packaging. Car freshener is a cream square with an illustrated saguaro and the words "saguaro cactus" Saguaro car freshener hanging on a car's rear view mirror
8 plastic butterfly hair clips

8 colors available

Lone Cactus Camp & Trail Mid SocksLone Cactus Camp & Trail Mid Socks
Mount lemmon candle in a clear glass jar with a white foral illustrated label next to a brown candle boxLit mount lemmon candle next to a plant
Self-Care Master PlanSelf-Care Master Plan
Self-Care Master Plan Sale price$13.00
Yuzu Sideyard ShrubYuzu Sideyard Shrub
Yuzu Sideyard Shrub Sale price$30.00
Arizona State Bird Cactus Wren Vinyl Sticker
Amber Agave Stemless Wine Glass
Saguaro Rocks Glass
Saguaro Rocks Glass Sale price$14.00
Prickly Pear Rocks Glass
Prickly Pear Rocks Glass Sale price$14.00
Agave Rocks Glass
Agave Rocks Glass Sale price$14.00
Creosote + Honey Mini Cactus Soap Set of 8Creosote + Honey Mini Cactus Soap Set of 8
Spicy marg gold travel candle with white labelPerson holding spicy marg travel candle with grass in the background
Spicy Marg Travel Candle Sale price$14.00
Small gold candle tin. Desert Marigold by Arizona Craft and Candle.
Medium green tin candle. Label has a saguaro with the scent labeled as "cactus flower"
Cactus Flower Soy Candle Sale price$22.00
Two bars of saguaro cactus soap - one in packaging and one unwrappedHands unwrapping saguaro cactus bar soap above a sink
White desert moon soak and scrub box with silver foil details
Medium matte white Monsoon candle tin with a desert landscape label
Picnic Date Sticker SheetPicnic Date Sticker Sheet
Green swedish dishcloth with white daisiesIllustrated diagram of the lifecycle of the swedish dishcloth
Southwest sunset gold foil washi tape unwrapped next to decorative box
Sand dune gold foil washi tape unwrapped next to decorative box
Yellow cloth bound journal with gold dunes at night illustration in center of journal. Yellow elastic closureClose up of internal dot grid paper and rounded journal corner
Desert dreams gold foil washi tape unwrapped next to decorative box