In times of turmoil, the arts are more important than ever. However, they are often simultaneously the first to suffer from financial cut backs. This strain, while painful, can cultivate opportunities for creation, innovation, and – ultimately – new growth.
With the disruption in Tucson’s 2020 events calendar due to COVID 19, artists are looking for new opportunities to share their work with the community, and community members are looking for safe, but tactile, ways to engage with the arts.

That's why we're introducing canvas, a high quality art magazine composed of works by Southern Arizona-based artists.


The publication will be available for sale via Creative Kind, both online and in-store by the holidays.

If you're interested in submitting your artwork, please review the FAQ below.

The broad theme of this edition of Canvas is "Creative Resiliency In The Heart Of The Desert".

We are looking for work from all different types of "creators" in all different aesthetics. A few examples of things we'd love to see: local murals, nature paintings, hand-lettered quotes, styled food photography, elements from the artistic process...the list is endless. Think outside the box!

Work will be organized into further sections based on submissions.

Pieces will be selected by a panel and, with the support of sponsors, we will be paying artists a minimum honorarium of $55 for every approved submission.

Submission Guidelines

- Each artist may submit one to six images (we suggest making them different projects)

- All work will be credited in an artists' directory, so please exclude any logos or branding from the image

- Files must be submitted at a minimum of 2550 x 3300 pixels and CMYK for printing (magazine pages will measure between 8" x 10" and 9" x 12").

- With your submission, please include your full name and pronoun, a link to your website/shop, one portrait-orientation color headshot, and a short (200 word) statement about you and your work

- By submitting, you are consenting to have your work published in the magazine for commercial use, and repurposed upon printing for personal use

- To submit, please email everything listed above to with "canvas submission - (your name)" in the subject line


Work must be submitted by September 30, 2020. Artists will be notified of their submission status by October 9, 2020.


We are not accepting compensation in exchange for publishing art work.

In lieu of traditional print advertising, we are seeking sponsors to help us launch the magazine, provide an honorarium for every artist included, and kickstart production of the first run. Email for our sponsor package.


What is Canvas?
It's a magazine showcasing work from artists and makers in Southern Arizona. Printed on high quality stock, pages will be designed for readers to remove and repurpose into personal artwork, cards, collages, scrapbooks, and more. The goal is to help facilitate not just awareness of local art, but ongoing engagement and interaction.
Who should submit?
A N Y O N E. Truly. This is not limited to those that identify as an “artist” in the traditional sense. If you have a vision or message but not the tools to express it visually, you are welcome to collaborate to create a submission. (For instance, a poet could work with a graphic designer!) We will ask for a single image for the headshot and one website/shop link to include with the artwork.
What kind of work are you looking for?
Imagery can draw on photography, paper, sculpture, illustration, design, painting, installation, food, fashion, collage, street art, architecture, text, embroidery, textiles, travel, nature, beauty, language, and anything else that can be expressed visually.
If you work in more traditional retail/consumer goods, like jewelry or clothing, we recommend submitting your work incorporated into a lifestyle photograph or digital design.
The only commonality is that it comes to us in the form of a high resolution image.
Does it need to be new work?
No. You are more than welcome to submit work you've already done, like a best selling digital painting, recent mural project, or a favorite piece of jewelry you've designed.
Or, you are encouraged to create something brand new for the overarching theme: "Creative Resiliency In The Heart Of The Desert". 
Are you looking for a specific style?
 We're not looking exclusively for work that fits the Creative Kind aesthetic. We are hiring a panel to help us review submissions and curate a diverse selection. We want to see YOUR style.
Should I include my logo or watermark?
All work will be credited in an artists' directory, so please exclude any logos or branding from the image. The image itself should be a representation of you and your work!
How many pieces can I submit?
Up to 6 images!
Does it cost anything to submit?
No, it's free to submit.
With the support of sponsors, we will be paying artists a minimum honorarium of $55 for every approved submission.
When are submissions due?
September 30, 2020. Artists will be notified of their submission status by October 9, 2020. 
We are aiming to be distributing the publication by early November for holiday shopping, as we will be including a directory with direct links to artist's online shops.