Awake Olive Oil


Perfect for cozy days and slow nights, Awake Olive Oil is made with hand-harvested California Arbequina olives, which are cold-pressed by a master miller within 90 minutes of harvest. Brightland's rigorous standards mean a tastier and healthier oil. 

Tasting Notes: herbaceous, green, grassy, artichoke, complex 

Recommended use: homemade soups and stews, hearty pastas, warm bread, baked potatoes, roast chicken, roasted veggies, fried eggs, or crispy potatoes 

Harvest: November 2020


  • 375 mL (12.7 fl oz) glass bottle UV-coated to protect the oil from damaging light 
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Made with California Arbequina olives 
  • Polyphenol Count: 547 mg/kg
  • Free Fatty Acids: 0.05%
  • Smoke point: 410 degrees 

About the Maker 

Disappointed with the quality of conventional olive oils, the founder of Brightland Oils decided to take matters into her own hands and create an oil she would be confident using in her own cooking. By combining their verve and vibrancy with a family-run California farm and high-quality ingredients, Brightland Oils aims to provide decadent and nourishing ingredients you're proud to share with the ones you love. 


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