Blue Corn Atole White Chocolate


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This bar is inspired by the traditional corn and masa-based beverage Atole of Mesoamerican origin, where toasted corn or masa is blended with water or milk, piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), vanilla, and optional spices, fruits, or chocolate. The consistency of this beverage can range from a thick porridge to a thin liquid. Here Monsoon Chocolat has refined the blue corn into a traditional white chocolate that retains just enough texture to enhance the perception of the delicate and floral qualities of the heirloom corn.


  • Winner: 2019 International Chocolate Awards Americas, Bronze
  • Winner: 2019 International Chocolate Awards Americas, Special Award – Gastro


  • Tasting notes: custard, sweet corn, floral 
  • Ingredients: cocoa butter, cane sugar, milk powder, tamaya blue corn, purple pea flower 
  • Allergen information: This product contains dairy. There is no gluten added to this bar, however it is produced in a facility that also processes wheat, nuts, and soy. 
  • 42% white chocoalte 
  • Net weight: 50 g 
  • Made in Tucson, Arizona 

About the Maker 

Drawing inspiration from local ingredients, Monsoon Chocolates transform transparently-sourced cacao from all over the world into craft chocolate bars, bon bons, confections, desserts, and beverages. The chocolate they make is truly a collaboration between themselves and the farm workers who grow, harvest, ferment, and dry the cacao. Their goal is to honor the farm worker's hard work by processing the cacao as minimally as possible to reveal the flavors inherent in the beans.

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