Seraparito Supply Co.

Cactus Needle Toothpicks


Cactus Needles (AKA toothpicks) are the perfect Southwest souvenir or addition to a Wild West themed party. These cactus spine look-a-likes are great for appetizers, baking, or keeping your pearly whites clean. Each box contains 1,000 toothpicks made from durable and environmentally friendly bamboo. Careful, they're sharp.


  • Bamboo 
  • Contains 1,000 toothpicks 
  • Designed in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

About the Maker 

Seraparito Supply Co. is celebrating all things uniquely New Mexican. From low riders to tall mountain peaks, piñon trees to prickly pear cacti, the Land of Enchantment has a lot to offer. Seraparito’s products capture just a few of these. They are founded by native New Mexicans & headquartered in Albuquerque. They're committed to quality goods highlighting the best things New Mexico has to offer.


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