Agave Pantry

Cardamom Rose Sugar


Organic cane sugar blended with crushed organic cardamom seeds and dried organic rose petals. Topped with a rose for beauty and the romance of opening the jar and engaging our senses.

Dip cookies in this sugar prior to baking, stir a little into black or green tea, or create a stunning cocktail using the sugar on the rim.

A great gift for foodie friends.


  • 4 oz 
  • Ingredients: organic cane sugar, organic cardamom, organic rose 
  • Made in Tucson, Arizona 

About the Maker 

Agave Pantry is the culmination of Shazieh’s journey from East to West, weaving a story through herbs, spices, food, and clay; the marriage of desserts, infused culinary salts, sugars, spice blends, and pottery. Quality ingredients blended, baked, and fired with care - these creations evoke the desire to slow down, take a moment, and enjoy the simple pleasures.


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