You Got This! Day Planner


To-Do's: List your monotonous work or personal to-do's

Chores & Errands: Make sure all your bases are covered with errands you have to run and chores you want to get to done

Meetings, Appointments, and Plans: Don't forget all your little meet-ups throughout the day!

People I have to call: It's gotta get done

People I must email: There's probably a lot

What I'm going to eat today: Because it's easy to forget

Things I need to buy: Keep adding to your never-ending shopping list

Daily Affirmation: Write yourself a reminder that you are awesome and kicking butt!

Things I'm grateful for: Keep gratitude in the forefront of your mind

Activity for self care: How are you going to unwind today?

Notes: In case there's something that doesn't fit any where else or if you want to draw a little stick figure.



  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 50 tear-away pages
  • Printed in the USA
  • Coloration may slightly vary from screen

Abbie Paulhus’s colorful and fun artwork is focused on inspiring encouragement, self-love, and self-care. Abbie lives in the Las Vegas desert with her puppy, Pepper. She is all about taking risks and working hard to follow your dreams.