Flameless Lighter


Get lit! BOTANICA's Flameless Lighters utilize single ARC technology, making for a clean, butane-free ignition for every candle lighting (and more!).


  • Flameless lighters recharge through a convenient USB port. A safety switch is included to make accidental lights a non-issue.
  • Packed in a colorful gift box with a mini 5" USB cable, these are a thoughtful & handy addition for candle gifting.
  • Available in 5 Colorways: Poppy: Vermillion + Peach, Earth: Blue + Green, Berry: Orchid + Deep Magenta, Sherbet: Melon + Lemonlime, Neutral: White + Taupe
  • Precise electrical current 
  • Flame free 
  • Butane Free 
  • Rechargeable by USB

About the Maker 

Botanica is a candle & apothecary company committed to supporting charitable organizations with every product they create. They use the highest quality essential and fragrance oils in their collection of products, with the aim of producing beautiful and luxurious products their customers feel good using, as well as purchasing.


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