Nutsack Nuts

Metro Mix - Roasted Nuts


You'll LOVE this Nutsack. The Rosemary, Oregano, and Smoked Paprika create a truly unique flavor combo that will satisfy your tastebuds like nothing you've ever stuffed in your mouth and the Fleur de Sel ensures every crunchy bite pops with flavor.

All of Nutsack Nuts are roasted with 100% pure and healthy Coconut Oil then perfectly salted with our favorite Fleur de Sel from SEE SALT®. 


  • 6 oz 

  • Allergen Information: contains tree nuts, and nuts are roasted in a facility that sometimes processes peanuts and other tree nuts

  • Contains: cashews, pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, rosemary, oregano, smoked paprika, sea salt, coconut oil

  • Made in Cave Creek, Arizona 

About the Maker 

Nutsack Nuts is a seriously nutty snack food company run by Bill in Cave Creek, Arizona. His story began in Northern California in the late 90’s when he met a guy with really nice nuts. Well to be clear, he roasted really nice nuts. Anyway, hanging out with him and eating his nuts lead Bill to appreciate healthy, high-quality nut-based snacks, and the jokes about grabbing his nuts never got old. Years later, after moving to Arizona and then getting canned from his day job, he flew to back California, visited with his family, and bought 75 pounds of nuts from his friend. A few days later he checked the nuts in with Southwest Airlines and flew home. He was ready to go, almost. He just needed a name. It needed to be short, simple, fun, and edgy. The word Nutsack kept coming up for obvious reasons so Nutsack Nuts was born, and his life has been nuts ever since! 


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