Gansai Tambi Watercolors - Set of 6


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These water-based pigment paint sets have absolutely stunning colors - good luck picking out just one set! 

The quick dissolving paints are blendable and have clear, bright colors.  The paints can be highly opaque when used as a gouache, but can be diluted to be transparent. Can be used in calligraphy, brush lettering, illustration, watercolor, and more. 


  • Available in three gorgeous sets - pearl color, gem color, and starry color palettes 
  • Pearl colors: pearl pink, pearl scarlet red, pearl lemon yellow, pearl may green, pearl cobalt blue, white gold. Shimmering paint with pearly colors. 
  • Gem colors: gem red, gem pink, yellow gold, gem green, gem blue, and gem violet. Metallic tones that sparkle like gemstones. 
  • Starry colors: blue gold, red gold, yellow gold, champagne gold, light gold, white gold. Golden pearl-tinted paints. 
  • Made in Japan 

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