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Pens for Horrible Meetings

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Brighten up those endless meetings with some jotter pens that really speak your language! 

  • This meeting could have been an email (teal)
  • Mutes self and turns off camera (red) 
  • Is there an agenda? (green) 


  • 3 pens 
  • Black gel ink 
  • Paper backing with a clear plastic sleeve 

About the Maker 

Tiny Hooray is a one woman show, and Beth Roszkowski is the wearer of all the hats at this small but mighty enterprise. All items start with silly, hand drawn doodles and sentiments Beth thinks about while sitting in DC-area traffic. Tiny Hooray creates stationery + gifts for those moments - the ones where we said what you were thinking inside your head, the ones that you just have to get to get it. Life can be full of such dull moments, so we want to help you celebrate the every day fun ones! The tiny hoorays that keep us going each day and keep us connected to our people.

Pens for Horrible Meetings
Pens for Horrible Meetings Sale price$14.00

Deep Roots, Expansive reach

Howdy! We're a small, women-owned business based in Tucson, Arizona. We handpick beautiful goods from independent makers so you can find gifts full of meaning and intention.

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