Poppy California

Uplifting Flower Bath Packet


Immerse your body, soul, and senses with a dried flower and salt blend to sprinkle into a running bath during celestial, bathing, and meditation rituals. Shower and cleanse body prior to soaking in a hot bath for a completely relaxing and grounded experience.


  • Made with organic ingredients 
  • 1.5 oz (enough for 1-2 baths)
  • Packaging is compostable 
  • Contains: dead sea salt, Kaolin clay, jojoba oil, life everlasting, worse petal, calendula petal, chrysanthemum, essential oils of: sweet orange, lemon, lime, rosemary, gem + flower essences 
  • Small batch 
  • Hadmade in California 
  • Indiginous-owned business 

About the Maker 

Poppy California began with an epiphany, and aims to bridge the gap between the real world and the dream world. Their envisioning of the dream world allows you to define your ideal self through creative self-expression without causing harm. This may take the form of a transformative experience, or a time your heart was open and filled with an undeniable whim. They emphaize eco-friendy packaging and materials with all their products, and a percentage of each purchase goes to the Indiginous People's Movement. 


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