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Prickly Pairs Card Game


A go-fish game, desert style! When there's no water, what do you collect? Cacti! Match and collect pairs of cacti... if your opponent doesn't have the match you ask for, then, "Take a Hike!"


  • 44 cactus-themed playing cards and 3 cactus fact cards to learn all about these fascinating flora
  • Ages 4 to adult
  • Brightly painted illustrations of 11 cacti in all sorts of shapes and sizes
  • Play for pairs, or play in Monsoon Mode and create sets of four
  • Learn about each cactus featured in the game by reading the three cactus fact cards.  Parents love this added educational value!
  • Box Size: 3” x 4.5” x 0.75”
  • Contents: 44 Cactus Cards, 3 Cactus Fact Cards, Rules
  • Designed in Tucson, Arizona

About the Maker 

Why & Wiser is a boutique toy designer and manufacturer that specializes in unique, hand-illustrated, educational games and gifts.  Their products are designed to embrace curiosity and neuro-diversity, and to encourage critical thought and exploration.


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