Naked Eye Studio

Sweet Butterflies Refillable Lighter


Finally - a cute lighter that's sure to get attention! Perfect for lighting cigarettes, candles, or whatever else you need a fire for!

These lighters are REFILLABLE! Lighter fuel is not included. Lighter ships without fuel and needs to be filled with lighter fluid to ignite!


  • Refillable using standard lighter fluid 
  • Lighter fluid not included 

To fill the lighter, open the top and take the body out of the case. Flip the felt up and soak cotton with lighter fluid. 

About the Maker 

Naked Eye Studio is a lifestyle brand featuring fun, colorful products for your life. Created by artist Reahanna Parker, who strived to show that being different was a good thing. She loves to create functional products with bold illustrations, bright colors, and a little bit of sass. Showcase your passion and style with pride, and find a community of people who feel the same way.


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