The Art of the Cheese Plate


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The Art of the Cheese Plate: Pairings, Recipes, Style, Attitude 

By Tia Keenan 

Do you love cheese? If you love cheese, you really love cheese. Over thirty-seven distinctive, curated plats, The Art of the Cheese Plate shows beginners and experts alike a whole new way to eat, serve, and love cheese. Beyond choosing the right cheese and serving it properly, enhancing or contrasting its qualities with an artfully chosen partner creates an entirely new experience. Acclaimed chef-fromager Tia Keenan does the work for cheese lovers everyehwere, breaking down the principles of creating delicious pairngs in a passionate, precise voice, and matches more than 100 world-class artisan cheeses with brilliant bespoke accompaniments, such as Tandoori Cashews, Bananna-Mango Chutney, Matcha Marshmallows, Tequila-Braised Rhubarb, Pickled Chinese Sausage & Celary Slaw, Spiced Corn Nut Brittle, Dark Chocolate-Espresso Ganache, and Mosto Cotto-Glazed Bacon. 

Whether you're looking for easy, impactfu additions to your next dinner party or to deepen your understanding of flavor and texture, The Art of the Cheese plate is a practical as it is inpiring. Full provenance and tasting notes, clear descriptions, and simple recipes take you straight from the bookstore to the cheese monger and supermarket. Creative suggestions and variations encourage experimentation with new combinations. Inventive beverage pairings include classic wine and port but also cocktails, sake, and tea. To get you to the fun faster, Keenan imparts expert tips on everything from sourcing to slicing your cheese and tells readers where to find perfect speciality food pairings as well as stylish tableware and cheese accessories to up your entertaining game. 


  • Hardcover 
  • 192 Pages 
  • Full-color photos 

About the Author 

Tia Keenan is a New York City-based chef-fromager whose multidisciplinary food work includes cooking, writing, styling, and concept development. Her pioneering work in cheese has reinvented the modern Americna cheese course. 

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