The Good Vibes Coffee Blend


Sunshine in a cup! Close your eyes and dive on in... we're taking you to flavor island where the coffee flows & the livin' is easy! Waking up on the sunny side has never been easier - with notes of toasted coconut and the subtle sweetness of sugar cane you'll be kicking back with no plans but to soak up the sun with this easy drinking java.

TASTING NOTES: Toasted Coconut | Sugar Cane | Easy Drinking


  • Roasted in California
  • 8.8 oz / 250 g

About the Maker

In 2018 Casey and Brooke Courter, the husband & wife duo behind Sundream, started out with a goal: spread good vibes and protect their happy place through something as simple as a cup of coffee. They specialize in coffee and artisanal throws made with recycled fabric. 

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