Indoor Jungle


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The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Indoor Jungle 

By Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan 

Plants are living things that are continually growing and evolving. Indoor Jungle is your guide to creativng and styling the perfect oasis. 

Whether you're looking to green up your apartment, house or workspace, Indoor Jungle shows you how to choose and style the best foliage for your space. Featuring plant profiles, expert advice and interviews with some seriously green thumbs showcasing their wonderfully lush interiors, Indoor Jungle by the Leaf Supply team is your perfect plant companion. 


  • 254 Pages 
  • Green page edges 
  • Full color photos 
  • Hardcover 

About the Authors 

Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan are the plant nerds behind Australian-based plan business Leaf Supply. Believing life is better surrounded by all things green, Lauren and Sophia are on a mission to spread their love and knowledge of plant care and styling. 

Lauren is a magazine art director and indoor plant specialist who owns online plant and design store Doums Botanica, and Sophia is the plant and floral stylist of her namesake business Sophia Kaplan Plants & Flowers, and founder of the blog The Secret Garden. 

As their business has grown, so too have their families, Sophia is mum to son Raf and Lauren to daughter Frankie. The Leaf Supply team has also grown to include fabulous plant lovers, Beth, Sarah and Adi. 

Indoor Jungle is the pair's second book and follows from Leaf Supply, a guide to keeping happy houseplants. 

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