Tie-Dye Swedish Dishcloths - 3 Pack


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These fun tie-dye prints are great for any modern kitchen. Along with being super stylish these items are both sustainable and help you save money. 

Supra Endura Swedish dishcloths are made from 2 natural ingredients: cellulose and cotton. These natural fibers make them 100% biodegradable, unlike some sponges which have petroleum-based chemicals in them. They are reusable and can last up to 9-12 months, which means they can both replace your paper towels and your dish sponge.

This sponge can hold up to 17 x its body weight in liquid. Its thin shape makes it easy to clean tight spaces.


  • Contains three, 6.75"x7.75" dishcloths 
  • Can last up to 9-12 months
  • Easy to clean, you can hand wash them, throw them in the dishwasher or washing machine, and air dry.
  • Biodegradable & compostable 
  • Hand-wash, throw in the dishwasher, or toss in the washer (do not tumble dry) 
  • Designed in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania 

About the Maker 

Supra Endura is an arts and accessories collection for a creative life, bringing joy to everyday life through color and modern prints. All prints are created by artist and designer Gabrielle Mandel.

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