Wood Cactus Kit


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Assemble the baltic birch pieces together to make your own cactus desktop kit. Use markers, highlighters, or colored pencils to add some color and style to your cactus. Add just a touch of glue to hold the cactus together permanently. Instructions for assembling the cactus are included in the clear packaging sleeve.

Available in three fun designs - agave, prickly pear, or saguaro 


  • 8" x 5" x 0.125"
  • Perfect for older kids and adults 
  • Gorgeous as-is, or can be colored using markers, pencils, or paints 
  • To permanently assemble, use a few dots of all-purpose or wood glue to hold the pieces together 
  • Includes instructions 
  • Made in Austin, Texas 

About the Maker 

Friends and co-founders Kristen von Minden and Eve Trester-Wilson started Bright Beam goods after discovering laser cutting. They began with starting MakeATX, a membership-based maker space in Austin that provides access to laser cutters to their members. After experimenting with laser cutting while running this business, they eventually began to produce their own creations, and Bright Beam Goods was born! 

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