Creative Kind is a place for people to gather, connect over creativity, and make or discover something beautiful. We host instructed craft workshops and sell curated goods from small businesses and local makers.
– Theresa, Founder –
– Hilari, Events Director –
This all started after I left my job to be a freelancer, and I realized just how hard it is to make new friends as an adult. You'd find me by the cubed cheese at every networking event with zero confidence to small talk with strangers.

I decided to host an event to bring some local folks together for easy conversation and a fun DIY. A project that anyone could learn to do, and find joy in the process. That first workshop was pretty magical, and sparked what you see now as Creative Kind. 

We pivoted from restaurant pop-ups, to a downtown venue, to a retail shop in the foothills. During that wild ride, I brought on Hilari as our Events Director, and later, a co-owner in the business. We opened our brick & mortar shop in October of 2018, where we carry our favorite goods from small businesses and local makers and host our workshops. 

In response to COVID, we launched CK Circle in October of 2020. Circle is our own membership site where we can host high-quality online workshops, a library full of DIY downloads and mini videos, message boards, live events, and more. It's basically our online platform to shower you with all the fun things we've always wanted to do, and every delightful idea we come up with in the future! 

Every time you connect with us at Creative Kind (whether it's in-person or online), we hope you get inspired, make something, or just escape your daily routine for a little while. Whether you’re an admirer, beginner, hobbyist, or life-long are more than welcome!