Creative Kind is a place for people to gather, connect over creativity, and make or discover something beautiful. We host instructed craft workshops and sell curated goods from small businesses and local makers.


After I graduated from college and left my first full-time job to be a freelancer, I realized just how hard it is to meet new friends as an adult. You'd find me by the cubed cheese at every networking event with a cocktail and zero interest in approaching strangers to chat about the weather.

Finally, a friend and I had the idea to host an event to bring some incredible women together for easy conversation and a fun DIY. Easy peasy. That first workshop in September of 2015 was pretty magical, and sparked what you see now as Creative Kind. 

Between now and then, things did change and grow (as all good things do.)

– I brought on a partner, known by all as our lovely Events Director, Hilari.
– We decided to change our name. More on that here.
– We realized that connecting over creativity isn't just for strangers –– so we started hosting private craft workshops for family, friends and co-workers to come together, too.

And, in 2018, our team opened a shop space to host our events and sell goods from small businesses and local makers that we love. 

Every time you step into Creative Kind, we hope you can get inspired, make something with your hands, and escape your daily routine. Whether you’re a beginner, hobbyist, expert crafter or just in it for the wine and decor – we want to meet you! 

– Theresa, Founder