what our business is built on

creativity & connection
thoughtful engagement
constant growth
abundant mindsets

We're big on our core values as a team - they dictate who we hire, the goods we carry, and the decisions we make every day. They're not words on a piece of paper for us, they're our ethos and North Star.

We're proud to be women-owned and operated, we're invested in supporting artistic expression, and we believe in inclusivity above all.

We always do our best to look through lenses of understanding, empathy, and kindness. We hope you believe in these things, too. Welcome to Creative Kind!

We believe in retail that's built on thoughtful consumerism and investing dollars back in to local causes. For us, that means supporting organizations that provide resources around the arts, mental health support and open, inclusive communities.

Here are a few of the causes we're proud to support:

we'd love to see you!

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La Encantada Shopping Center
2905 E Skyline Drive

The Fredrick on Missouri
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