While our community craft workshops are open to the public, sometimes you want to get creative with your crew! 

Gather at our Tucson shop for a girl's night or celebrate a big milestone with your family, friends or co-workers. We love celebrating bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers and retirements!

Give your guests a chance to break the ice, get creative and bond over a hands-on learning opportunity. You can even bring in your own food, drinks and alcohol!

Private Workshop FAQ's:

How do I book a Private Workshop? Email Hilari at hilari@creativekindshop.com with an ideal date, time and project. 

How many people can attend a Private Workshop? Minimum 8 people, Maximum 18 people

How do I pay for a Private Workshop? Full payment is due at time of booking. Pricing is per person. 

What is included in a Private Workshop? All materials, Instruction 

How long are Private Workshops? Most workshops are 2 hours

Can I bring food and drinks? Yes! Please limit it to forty ounces of beer, 750 ml of wine or four ounces of distilled spirits per person.

Can I decorate? Table top decor is perfect for the space! We love it, but please no confetti or glitter! 

Can I arrive early to set up? Yes, you can arrive 30 min prior to your workshop start time to set up food and/or decor.


To inquire about customized projects or to get more details, email hilari@creativekindshop.com or fill out our contact form. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can!