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Saguaro Cactus Matchbox - White BoxSaguaro Cactus Matchbox - White Box

3 colors available

Clear glass Monsoon scented jar candle. Lit monsoon candle sitting on a rock in the desert
Monsoon Candle Sale price$28.00
Saguaro Cactus Matchbox - Black BoxSaguaro Cactus Matchbox - Black Box

3 colors available

Mount Lemmon Travel CandleMount Lemmon Travel Candle
Mount Lemmon Soy CandleMount Lemmon Soy Candle
Mount Lemmon Soy Candle Sale price$29.00
Desert Saguaro Soy CandleDesert Saguaro Soy Candle
Desert Saguaro Soy Candle Sale price$29.00
Old Main Travel CandleOld Main Travel Candle
Old Main Travel Candle Sale price$7.00
Sonoran monsoon wax melts in a kraft box with an illustrated labelSingle sonoran monsoon wax melt in a small wax warmer
Sonoran Monsoon Wax Melt Sale price$14.00
Saguaro blossom wax melts in brown kraft packaging with an illustrated labelSingle saguaro blossom wax melt in a small wax warmer
Saguaro Blossoms Wax Melt Sale price$14.00
Small white match container with bright colored shapes and squiggles on it, matches with bright color tips laying next to containerPerson holding match container
Rainbow Match Canister Sale price$8.00
Black candle holder in an arch shapeArch candle holder and single white taper candle
Arch Taper Candle Holder Sale price$24.00
Pink candle round candle holder with hollowed center and small baseBagel candle holder with single white taper candle
Bagel Taper Candle Holder Sale price$24.00
The Mission Travel CandleThe Mission Travel Candle