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Prickly Pear Sour Mixer
Prickly Pear Sour Mixer Sale priceFrom $14.00
Agave washcloth in a white box with a triangle window cutoutTan, square agave washcloth
Agave Cloth Sale price$13.00
Pants Required Notepad
Pants Required Notepad Sale price$10.00
Saguaro Stemless Wine Glass
Prickly Pear Stemless Wine Glass
Green plastic wine glass with a white line drawing of an agave plant on the front center
Agave Stemless Wine Glass Sale price$14.00
Desert Tortoise Stuffed AnimalDesert Tortoise Stuffed Animal
Happy Notepad
Happy Notepad Sale price$10.00
Lone Cactus Camp & Trail Mid SocksLone Cactus Camp & Trail Mid Socks
Retro Task Pad Notepad
Retro Task Pad Notepad Sale price$10.00
Yuzu Sideyard ShrubYuzu Sideyard Shrub
Yuzu Sideyard Shrub Sale price$30.00
Vine Spine NotebookVine Spine Notebook
Vine Spine Notebook Sale price$40.00
Pocket NotebookPocket Notebook
Pocket Notebook Sale price$7.00
Disco NotebookDisco Notebook
Disco Notebook Sale price$26.00
Desert JournalDesert Journal
Desert Journal Sale price$20.00

2 colors available

Rise & Set Guided JournalRise & Set Guided Journal
Rise & Set Guided Journal Sale price$20.00
Flower Memo Book
Flower Memo Book Sale price$6.00
Eye Memo Book
Eye Memo Book Sale price$6.00
Unscented Jojoba Shampoo BarUnscented Jojoba Shampoo Bar
Porcelain Gua Sha ToolPorcelain Gua Sha Tool
Porcelain Gua Sha Tool Sale price$18.00
Porcelain Gua Sha CombPorcelain Gua Sha Comb
Porcelain Gua Sha Comb Sale price$18.00
Milky Oats + Wildflowers Massage BarMilky Oats + Wildflowers Massage Bar
Juniper + Charcoal Facial BarJuniper + Charcoal Facial Bar
Eucalyptus + Mint Massage BarEucalyptus + Mint Massage Bar
Desert Rose + Patchouli Massage BarDesert Rose + Patchouli Massage Bar
Creosote + Honey Mini Cactus Soap Set of 8Creosote + Honey Mini Cactus Soap Set of 8
Prickly Pear Blend Coffee
Prickly Pear Blend Coffee Sale price$26.00
Ponderosa Blend Coffee
Ponderosa Blend Coffee Sale price$26.00
Las Montañas Decaf Coffee
Sedona Camp & Trail Crew SocksSedona Camp & Trail Crew Socks
Desert Days Camp & Trail Mid SocksDesert Days Camp & Trail Mid Socks
Tucson Mini Jotter NotebookTucson Mini Jotter Notebook

4 colors available

Retro Recipe BookRetro Recipe Book
Retro Recipe Book Sale price$24.00

3 colors available

Western Toile Notebook Set
Zodiac Taper Candles | Water
Zodiac Taper Candles | FireZodiac Taper Candles | Fire
Zodiac Taper Candles | EarthZodiac Taper Candles | Earth
Sonoran monsoon wax melts in a kraft box with an illustrated labelSingle sonoran monsoon wax melt in a small wax warmer
Sonoran Monsoon Wax Melt Sale price$14.00
Saguaro blossom wax melts in brown kraft packaging with an illustrated labelSingle saguaro blossom wax melt in a small wax warmer
Saguaro Blossoms Wax Melt Sale price$14.00
Prickly pear harvest wax melts in brown kraft packaging with an illustrated labelPackage of prickly pear harvest wax melts sitting in front of prickly pear fruit and a prickly pear cactus
Mount Lemmon wax melts in a brown kraft box with an illustrated labelmount lemmon wax melt in a small wax warmer
Mount Lemmon Wax Melt Sale price$14.00
Clear glass jar with a white screw top lid containing rosemary saltLight wood tray with rosemary salt in a jar and in a bowl next to a spice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary
Rosemary Salt Sale price$20.00
Hummingbird Ornament
Hummingbird Ornament Sale price$18.00

1 color available

Hummingbird Magnet
Hummingbird Magnet Sale price$16.00
Clear glass jar with a white screw on lid filled with cardamom rose sugarCardamom Rose Sugar
Cardamom Rose Sugar Sale price$20.00
Unscented Lip BalmUnscented Lip Balm
Unscented Lip Balm Sale price$8.00
Sold outSaguaro Rocks Glass
Saguaro Rocks Glass Sale price$14.00
Amber Agave Stemless Wine Glass