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Healing Bundable

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Prickly Pear Caramel PopcornPrickly Pear Caramel Popcorn
Clear glass Monsoon scented jar candle. Lit monsoon candle sitting on a rock in the desert
Monsoon Candle Sale price$28.00
Agave washcloth in a white box with a triangle window cutoutTan, square agave washcloth
Agave Cloth Sale price$13.00
Amber lotion bottle with black pump top, pink label that reads "pistol & fox prickly pear & poppy hand and body lotion"Prickly Pear & Poppy Hand & Body Lotion
You Are More Than Enough Vinyl StickerYou Are More Than Enough Vinyl Sticker
Self Care ZineSelf Care Zine
Self Care Zine Sale price$7.00
Small gold Monsoon travel candle tin with white label
Monsoon Travel Candle Sale price$14.00
Churro PopcornChurro Popcorn
Churro Popcorn Sale price$9.00
Prickly Pear Natural Lip ButterPrickly Pear Natural Lip Butter
Rosemary Salted Caramel PopcornRosemary Salted Caramel Popcorn
Clear glass jar candle with gold lid. Cactus and jade scent from Arizona Craft and Candle. Cactus + Jade glass jar candle with a cholla cactus in the background
Cactus & Jade Candle Sale price$28.00
Pink suede journal with gold arch detail on coverOpen journal
Yellow face mask packaging with green botanical illustrations and the words "glow baby glow"
Small gold tin candle. Cactus and Jade from Arizona Craft and Candle.
Bourbon Espresso Caramel PopcornBourbon Espresso Caramel Popcorn
Face mask packaging with a woman wearing a crown and Ace that Face in a banner
Mesquite White Chocolate BarMesquite White Chocolate Bar
Mini Cactus Soap | IndividualMini Cactus Soap | Individual
Mexican Hot Chocolate Popcorn
Pink face mask packaging with the words "oats my bananas!" over an illustration of bananas
Purple face mask packaging with illustration of hands making a "pinky promise"
Rose + Bergamot Lip Butter
Coconut Lime Lip Butter
Coconut Lime Lip Butter Sale price$12.00
Coloring book with a red cover with yellow floral accents and the words cacti and succulents in white letteringInterior coloring page example of agave plant and saguaro cactus
8 plastic butterfly hair clips

8 colors available

Bejofo Estate Madagascar 64% Dark Milk Chocolate BarBejofo Estate Madagascar 64% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar
Peach colored candle tin with a label featuring a desert landscape and the words "arizona sunset"
Arizona Sunset Soy Candle Sale price$22.00
Self-Care Master PlanSelf-Care Master Plan
Self-Care Master Plan Sale price$13.00
Western Toile Notebook Set
Rise & Set Guided JournalRise & Set Guided Journal
Rise & Set Guided Journal Sale price$20.00
Pocket NotebookPocket Notebook
Pocket Notebook Sale price$7.00
One Hell of a Lady Journal
Love Puns Sticker SheetLove Puns Sticker Sheet
Love Puns Sticker Sheet Sale price$3.50
Purple suede journal with the word "notes" in gold foil detailOpen journal
Desert JournalDesert Journal
Desert Journal Sale price$20.00

2 colors available

Comfort Foods Sticker Sheet
Yellow cloth bound journal with gold dunes at night illustration in center of journal. Yellow elastic closureClose up of internal dot grid paper and rounded journal corner
Coyote Stuffed AnimalCoyote Stuffed Animal
Coyote Stuffed Animal Sale price$20.00
Elk Stuffed Animal
Elk Stuffed Animal Sale price$15.00
Spotted Pig Stuffed Animal
Spiny Saguaro Studs
Spiny Saguaro Studs Sale price$61.00
Spiny Saguaro Necklace
Spiny Saguaro Necklace Sale price$44.00
Spiny Saguaro Dangle Earrings
Saguaro Ring
Saguaro Ring Sale price$55.00
Prickly Pear Necklace
Prickly Pear Necklace Sale price$61.00
Prickly Pear Earrings
Prickly Pear Earrings Sale price$85.00
Sonoran Mix PopcornSonoran Mix Popcorn
Sonoran Mix Popcorn Sale price$9.00
Mesquite Smoked Cheddar PopcornMesquite Smoked Cheddar Popcorn