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Jar of sonoran sea saltVideo of sonoran sea salt being used as a garnish for a prickly pear margarita
Sonoran Sea Salt Sale price$12.00
Teachers Change the World Vinyl Sticker
Jar of hatch green chile saltPerson sprinkling hatch green chile salt over a bowl of soup
Hatch Green Chile Salt Sale price$16.00
Clear glass Monsoon scented jar candle. Lit monsoon candle sitting on a rock in the desert
Monsoon Candle Sale price$28.00
Someone in Arizona Loves Me Vinyl StickerSomeone in Arizona Loves Me Vinyl Sticker

2 colors available

Camp salt adventure pack trio packagingCamp salt trio - hatch red chile, sonoran sea salt, and hatch green chile small boxes
Camp Salt Adventure Pack Sale price$18.00
Teacher for Money and Fame Vinyl Sticker
Desert Coyote Vinyl StickerDesert Coyote Vinyl Sticker
Small gold Monsoon travel candle tin with white label
Monsoon Travel Candle Sale price$14.00
Jar of hatch red chile saltCeramic bowl of hatch red chile salt next to a wooden spoon
Hatch Red Chile Salt Sale price$16.00
Meep Meep Tea TowelMeep Meep Tea Towel
Meep Meep Tea Towel Sale price$20.00

7 colors available

What the Fucculent Tea TowelWhat the Fucculent Tea Towel

5 colors available

Nurses are Superheroes Vinyl Sticker
Black sticker shaped like arizona with illustrated plants and animals in pinks, greens, and graysBlack sticker shaped like arizona with illustrated plants and animals in pinks, greens, and grays with a wood background behind the sticker

2 colors available

Quail Trail Tea TowelQuail Trail Tea Towel
Quail Trail Tea Towel Sale price$20.00

2 colors available

Sonoran spice gold travel candle with white label
Small gold tin candle. Cactus and Jade from Arizona Craft and Candle.
Gorgeous Creative Genius Vinyl Sticker
Tucson Botanical Tea TowelTucson Botanical Tea Towel

2 colors available

Clear glass jar candle with gold lid. Cactus and jade scent from Arizona Craft and Candle. Cactus + Jade glass jar candle with a cholla cactus in the background
Cactus & Jade Candle Sale price$28.00
What the Fucculent StickerWhat the Fucculent Sticker
Earth Laughs In Flowers Vinyl Sticker
Mesquite White Chocolate BarMesquite White Chocolate Bar
Round Wood Cutting & Serving BoardRound Wood Cutting & Serving Board

2 colors available

Tucson Neon Saguaro Tea Towel
Clear glass Prickly Pear Cider jar candlePrickly pear cider candle sitting on the ground in front of a prickly pear cactus
Prickly Pear Cider Candle Sale price$28.00
Gold travel prickly pear cider candle
Arizona State Bird Cactus Wren Vinyl Sticker
Clear glass jar with a white screw top lid with sonoran desert sweet heat sugarOpen jar of sonoran sweet heat sugar next to a dried orange
Cook's chile powder set packagingOpen box showing cook's gift set
Cook's Gift Set Sale price$36.00
Small gold candle tin. Desert Marigold by Arizona Craft and Candle.
Pink Desert Species Greeting Card
Tucson Sunrise Vinyl Sticker
Choose Kindness Vinyl Sticker
Happy Camper Vinyl Sticker
Escape Outdoorsy Vinyl Sticker
Saguaro National Park Vinyl Sticker
Creosote + Honey Mini Cactus Soap Set of 8Creosote + Honey Mini Cactus Soap Set of 8
Ginger Covered in Dark Chocolate
Saguaro Cactus Keychain
Saguaro Cactus Keychain Sale price$16.00
Unscented Jojoba Shampoo BarUnscented Jojoba Shampoo Bar
Prickly Pear + Lemon Massage BarPrickly Pear + Lemon Massage Bar
Porcelain Gua Sha ToolPorcelain Gua Sha Tool
Porcelain Gua Sha Tool Sale price$18.00
Porcelain Gua Sha CombPorcelain Gua Sha Comb
Porcelain Gua Sha Comb Sale price$18.00
Milky Oats + Wildflowers Massage BarMilky Oats + Wildflowers Massage Bar
Juniper + Charcoal Facial BarJuniper + Charcoal Facial Bar
Jojoba + Lavender Massage BarJojoba + Lavender Massage Bar
Horchata + Cocoa Scrub BarHorchata + Cocoa Scrub Bar