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Pocket Notebook

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Jot down your ideas in these fun pocket notebooks! 

Exposed spine binding:

Many of these books are put together with exposed spine binding like the modern Coptic and French link stitches. This type of bookbinding doesn’t use any glue, and it allows books to open 360 degrees, which means you can open the book all way flat without having to hold it open and even all way around, cover to cover, so you can hold the book in one hand while you write or draw in it with the other hand. 

Your book might smell like honey: 

Bookbinding thread is often waxed with beeswax. This helps prevent the thread from knotting up by helping the thread slip out of knots as a bookbinder works, and helps strengthen the thread by keeping the thread’s strands tightly together so they’re less likely to fray. 

How long does a book take to make?

Three hours on average. Everything is done by hand. Julie measures and trims the pages inside each book, the cover boards, and covering material; cover the boards with the covering materials; folds each page individually for a good fit; and hand-stitches the binding with special bookbinding needles. Even the mini books took over an hour to make, not counting time spent waiting for glue to dry and the pages to settle inside a book press. 


  • Each journal is unique! Your cover may vary, but will be within the category you pick 
  • Available lined, dot grid, and blank paper options 
  • 3.5" x 5.5"  
  • 36 pages, 24 lb paper 
  • Cardstock cover with waxed thread binding 
  • Made in Phoenix, Arizona 

About the Maker 

Julie Elefante of rock scissors paper has always loved books, words, and reading. rock scissors paper is a huge stack of zines and chapbooks put together with a whole lotta help from a whole bunch of very talented contributors. Each book is hand-bound, which can take from one to three hours or more, depending on the size of the book and the process involved. 

Pocket Notebook
Pocket Notebook Sale price$7.00

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